newsy.comGrowing up in northern Thailand, Thanyarat Doksone spent most of her time cultivating a fondness for journalism. In 2000, she moved to Bangkok to pursue a Bachelor’s degree with a major in English at Thammasat University. After graduation, she began working at the country’s first English language TV station “Thailand Outlook Channel” as a news rewriter and later a co-producer for a morning news talk show “This Morning in Thailand”. In 2006, she was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to pursue her studies in the United States. She chose to study her Master’s degree in Journalism at the University of Missouri, where the first journalism school in the U.S. was founded in 1908. Having seen a number of constraints in Thailand’s media independence during the years of working, Thanyarat hoped to make great use of the craft of multimedia journalism she has learned from the convergence media sequence at Mizzou upon the return to her home country.

In January 2010, she joined The Associated Press as a multi-platform journalist in the Bangkok Bureau. After more than five years of covering news in Thailand, she moved to work as a producer for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in Bangkok to work on stories in Southeast Asia.

Apart from journalism, Thanyarat is interested in triathlon, international relations, traveling, leisure photography, documentary films, nonprofits, environmentally-friendly lifestyle and cheap Thai food.

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Original Caption: [ Vice President Alexandra] Wharton goes over marketing strategies with student Thanyarat Doksone.