Samples of multi-source news packages

Script writing & video editing by Thanyarat Doksone

Reminiscing the Fall of Berlin Wall

Published November 9, 2009; total runtime: 2:55

Twittering a Revolution

Published April 14, 2009; total runtime: 2:33

Never-Ending Protests in Thailand

Published April 14, 2009; total runtime: 2:55

Congo: Peace is Underway?

Published January 26, 2009; total runtime: 3:41

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In the fall of 2007, Stephens College fashion design seniors began their yearlong portfolio project.
In the last weeks before their final fashion show, they worked to make their designs reality.

Jurors from the fashion industry would decide what got in and what got cut.


Produced by Thanyarat Doksone, Courtney Flatt and Nailah Sims,
the documentary chronicles the work and preparations in the final days before the Jury Week.

(Watch the published video on

Throngs of kids and adults gathered at the Columbia Regional Airport on Sunday May 25, 2008,
to enjoy an air show remembering the veterans and honoring the Armed Forces members.

(Watch the video of the Memorial Day weekend air show by Thanyarat Doksone and Ferdous Al-Faruque on the Columbia Missourian’s website.)

Columbia residents flocked to Memorial Stadium on an early Saturday morning in May 2008 to hunt for items in the second Tiger Treasures rummage sale. The bits and pieces were donated or left behind by students in the MU residences. Proceeds from the sale went to the United Way agencies.

(Watch the published video on the Columbia Missourian’s website.)

The turf management crew at University of Missouri’s Taylor Stadium takes care of various tasks on the baseball field.
William Pipp, a student majoring in plant sciences , explains what he does and why he likes the job.

(Also check out photos published in the Columbia Missourian.)


Rhonda Kaissi, a permanent substitute teacher of the Columbia Public School District, points to the example on the overhead projector of what a business letter should look like on May 8 at Oakland Junior High School. Many students wrote thank you letters for the opportunity to job shadow at various businesses later in the semester.


In May 2008, the Columbia Public School District planned to axe 22 permanent substitute teacher positions to help alleviate the school district’s $10.3 million shortfall.

Read the published article, check out photos and listen to an audio clip on Columbia Missourian website.

(Laura Parkinson and Thanyarat Doksone collaborated on this reportage.)






A visitor log book located right at the front door of the Morrison Observatory helps to keep records of the number of stargazers who visit.
A visitor log book located right at the front door of the Morrison Observatory helps to keep records of the number of stargazers who visit.


Every year, in the fall and spring, the historic Morrison Observatory in Fayette, MO draws crowds of enthusiastic stargazers of all ages. Among the visitors are the Hardings, a family of four who are regulars. Thanyarat Doksone spent some time with the family and looks into the allure of the observatory.

Listen to the coverage on KBIA’s Under the Microscope.

(Starting at 2:15. On Air: April 17, 2008)

(Download Real Player for free here.)





Amateur trumpeters play their instruments on Walnut Street in downtown Columbia, as part of the now-defunct Twilight Festival.


The City of Columbia’s annual Twilight Festival took place every Thursday night in June and September. Each week the festival featured a wide range of outdoor performers and bands with a wide range of abilities.

Listen to the audio postcard on KBIA’s Off the Clock.

(Starting at 3:35; On Air: June 13, 2008)

(Download Real Player for free here.)